How To Add Nofollow to the WordPress Comments Link

July 5th, 2008

I actually had a damn hard time finding this posted anywhere on the web, so I thought I would share.? I don’t think I need to tell anyone why this is a good idea, but it is basically eliminating search engines from indexing useless links. We will use the following as an example.

Useless Links For Search Engines (possibly dup content)

Which Search Engine had the best 4th of July display?

Entrecard Suggestions

I think you see my point.

How To Instructions

Open wp-includes/comment-template.php

Find (was around line 763 for me)

[php] echo ‘ title=”‘ . sprintf( __(‘Comment on %s’), $title ) . ‘”>’;[/php]

Change To

[php] echo ‘ title=”‘ . sprintf( __(‘Comment on %s’), $title ) . ‘” rel=”nofollow”>’;[/php]

Save and Upload.? You’re done.

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