Entrecard Suggestions

June 24th, 2008

entrecard It has been a really crazy week so far with job interviews and all.  I have some suggestions for the Entrecard network and instead of contacting them, I decided to blog it for some other’s feedback.  The Entrecard network can really be explosive if your willing to put some time into it everyday and “work the system”.  I have so far enjoyed my experience with them except for the high bounce rate it can cause and such.  I am sure someone important from the Entrecard staff visits my site daily, snicker.

Favorite Notifications

I request a notification that I have been added to someone’s favorites.  This gives me the chance to check them out and possibly add them as a favorite too.  This might be an easy addition to the message system in place.  This would be a similar function as twitter has with it’s followers.  It might also be a cool feature to have a favorite rss feed.

Expansion of Advertising

I really like the move away from Project Wonderful, as it was simply a flawed system in my personal opinion.  I did my homework after reading Graham’s comment:

Project wonderful is actually more expensive because it?s a daily rate. At the time we launched the ads, it was $10 per day via PW, which would be 300 per month.

The other ads are selling on a monthly basis and priced cheaper than PW.

It is surely cheaper if you do the math. However, I don’t think some people realized PW was a CPD (cost per day) rate of seven dollars’ish.  I also noticed you are expanding exposure and you were getting some flack about the new monthly cost of $150.  If you want to shut these people up, keep taking it to new limits.  You could possibly integrate into the front page (even if nofollow for that spot) to raise the bar.  You guys seem to have done what is best for the user and yourselves.  I would guess your profit from PW was similar to the cost of a monthly now.  It is still a good move in my book.  Those people who got in before the price increase make me sick.  I hope they chose subscription.

Social Media Networking Expansion

I know some do not consider Entrecard a true social media site and I think we can do something to improve on that thought.  If you are a sphinn user, they allow me to list my info for other social media sites I am involved in.  I am not necessarily asking you to hijack their feature, but something along those lines would allow droppers to get more involved with each other’s online projects.

Possible Shop Issues

If you remember, I was one of the first to have an item listed in the shop.  It has severely grown since then and Lobo Links has evolved also.  So anyway, I tried to update my shop item image and it just would not take.  I tried everything from smaller images to clearing all my cache.  Then, I deleted my item and attempted to add a new one.  Somewhere, it got lost in translation and I have yet to test further.  Possibly, new items must be approved and it just got overlooked.  This also could of been pure user error.  It might be something worth checking out though.

Final Thoughts

Entrecard is a rapidly expanding network and some great changes have been made to stay with the trends.  I was personally concerned about the buying credits move, but after more research it seems to be very well thought out endeavor.  Entrecard has offered everyone a great opportunity to increase their branding strength and blog traffic.  I am impressed and I plan on continuing my rather addictive relationship.

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