Expanding Your Social Network and Branding Capabilities With Entrecard

December 21st, 2007

entrecard Well it is my first day with the Entrecard network and so far I have enjoyed my time spent.   Their are many resources that will help me to participate more in other social networks and grab some free traffic for my site.  I doubt very much this new service is just going to blow my traffic stats through the roof, but my at first glance opinion seems to be note worthy.

By the way, thanks to Sam Freedom for turning me on to this with his post Entrecard Madness.  Sam has a way of writing that just makes his post interesting to read.


Imagery, Damn I Love It!

I am of the personal opinion that a social avatar can make or break your social career.  On Entrecard it is regarded as your online business card and the total image size of 125×125 leaves a lot of room for branding.  There is so much branding opportunity there your just can’t ignore it for a second.

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What is so great about social avatars is the fact you can carry them across most social sites and that gives you more branding abilities within them also.  I find an image much easier to recognize than a name.

Expanding Your Social Network

This really has two meanings for me at the moment.  Lately, I have been studying what works on different social sites like Mixx, Sphinn, Stumbleupon etc.  Entrecard’s category system allows me to find great content for different niches to be shared on many social sites.  It is that simple.








They have a multitude of categories that just about please any site owner.  In my case I am abusing their category system for my social benefit.

The Other type of Networking of course

The other type of social networking should be plain obvious to most and that is simple participation.  Now, it is time to participate with all the new niche resources I have found.  You can befriend them, comment on their blog, and share their content across different sites.

In Conclusion

My first day was a little crazy and I left a lot of questions unanswered.  I hope to follow up in a few weeks with some hard results and more advanced thoughts.  It is surely worth checking out if you have the time.

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