Supplement Your Blog Traffic With Entrecard

June 13th, 2008

It is time I start sharing how to the make the most of these social networks and yes Entrecard is a social network. This will be discussed in a later post. As we all know content really is the king, why you might ask?  In my theory, content is king because it provides lasting traffic from SERP (search engine result pages) and not to mention links from other sites.  However, Entrecard is not going to stand the test of time for traffic if you don’t constantly participate like many other social networks.  So how can we make use of it?  What are the ups and downs?

The Upper’s

While your building that unique arsenal of content, you might want something to keep that traffic a flow.  This is where Entrecard comes into play.  You can shotgun drops using the linky plugin for Firefox and actually get return visits.  Quantity will be determined by drops submitted, but the method will pay off.  Also, if you visit the same sites daily it could result in links and semi-long term traffic.  This is an excellent method to get your linking profile started and possibly generate some frequent readers.  I like to think of this method as trading drops.

The Downer’s

Once you have built that arsenal of content, your going to slack off from Entrecard.  When this happens you can expect your daily droppers to slowly start to slack off too.  It is a give some take some network and it is to be expected from any social type site.  Another downfall of using this method is the increased bounce rate for your blog.  Their are many others who practice this daily and therefor have no interest in clicking through your content.

Decrease the Stunning Blow

Let us say for instance you have been dropping 300 cards every other day for 2 months.  Yes, it might seem like an extreme ratio, but it is not.  Use those saved credits to buy advertising on others sites or offer them in a contest to help build your linking profile.  You can always buy credits if you have used yours already and I think that is one place buying credits will come in handy.  In my personal opinion, there is no way you can wrong with this strategy.

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