Using the Linky FireFox Plugin to Speed Up Your Entrecard Drop Rate

June 4th, 2008

entrecard Lately I been using a Firefox plugin called Linky to expedite the dropping process. It is not a method I came up with, but no harm in me continuing to spread the word.  What Linky does is allow you to open multiple links on one page in new tabs.  So, its perfect for those Entrecard dropping campaigns your spending hours on daily.

Today, I thought I would break it down in a How-To with fancy pictures and all that what not.

Step 1 – Linky Firefox Plugin Download

The first step should be quite obvious, but you need to download the Linky plugin from Firefox.

Step 2 – Getting Setup

You need to pick a category from the campaign page on the Entrecard site.


Now that the category page is open, you need to increase the Rows Per Page filter and hit search.
I chose 12, but that ends up being a lot of browser tabs.  You might want to start smaller and work your way up.

Step 3 – Getting Started

If Linky is setup correctly, it should now be in your right click context menu.  You want to right click on a category page and select Open All Links in tabs.

Clicking Open All Links in tabs should open up a new window like this one below.
You want to now deselect all the links except ones with /t/oc/ (ex: http://www.entrecard/t/oc/840) and hit Open Selected Links.  Linky will only allow you to open 99 links, but your browser might crash if you try that many.

Step 4 – Get to Dropping

Now get to dropping and increase that traffic flow.  Note: Be sure to close the tabs after you dropped your card to free up some of that precious virtual memory.

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