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August 4th, 2008

entrecard This sort of feel like it will be a long post, but I really don’t want you skimming. I took the time to write this because I have found a system that works for me and that grants a share.

Since the addition of the Entrebar the Entrecard system has become very user-friendly and it opened up some big doors for constant droppers.  I warn you this is not the easy way, but the rewarding type of how to.  I hope you enjoy it.

Entrecard Favorites, It is most important

Favorites are somewhat fairly new to the Entrecard system and with them you can supercharge your returns from your time consuming work.  (We all know it is not hard)

How to Add Favorites

As mentioned above, the Entrebar opened up the network to many new possibilities and easily adding favorites is one of them.


heart2 Feel free to test it out on my site, snicker.  However, it is a little confusing about what is a favorite and what it is not.  When a Entrecard site is already on your favorites the heart will be a bright red as seen here.

Why do I need to use Entrecard Favorites?

This will be the first list you use and eventually the last one after we have learned to maximize the favorites use.  The end goal is to have three hundred Entrecard favorites for you to drop on everyday.  These will be the sites that have benefited you most.  Again, it seems like it is all about you, well umm… it is.

Who should I add to my Entrecard Favorites?

  1. This is where the top Entrecard droppers widget & others like it start to come into play.  These 25 sites or such should definitely make your list.  They are supporting your site and rewarding them for it can do no harm.
  2. Top Commenter’s should also make that list as they are helping to decrease the huge bounce rate that Entrecard brings with its excess baggage if you will.
  3. Other blogs using the top Entrecard droppers system or posting top droppers at the end of the month should make the list also since they could result in possible links for your blog.
  4. Copy others top droppers to your favorites!!  If they are top droppers for that site, they could be a top dropper prospects for you. <<—Mack Exclusive Tip.
  5. Don’t add people who only dropped on you once, make sure they are committed to dropping on your site and surely return the drop.

These are just a few imaginative ideas, please your own process as building a favorites list of 300 will not be easy.  I should also note that I have no idea if Entrecard has a limit on how many favorites you can have, but it is doubtful.

How to use your Entrecard favorites list


How many tabs you open up at a time is clearly up to you, but this feature makes it super easy to drop your Entrecard favorites list.  I highly suggest you get with this program.  Again, it will take you awhile to build a favorites list of 300, but these should be the most rewarding sites to your Entrecard experience.

Supplementing your rise to a great Entrecard favorites list

Your obviously not going to start out with a huge favorites list and you need to find a way to gain more popularity through the Entrecard network.  These tactics will help you find the sites that will eventually lead to your “domination” for lack of better words.

Top Droppers Widget AND Post Top Droppers

This one silly little tactic will encourage people to continue to drop and possibly add you as a favorite.  If nothing else it gives you an a superb idea of who is working your site the most.

Posting at the end of the month gives such a permanent example of your appreciation for your top droppers.  I just can’t stress this enough to people.  Rewards, Rewards, Rewards!!!

Scout Others who have Top Dropper Widgets

Copy their top droppers and try to steal them!!   Yeah it sounds brute, but 300 drops a day gives a lot of theft room!!  Ok, maybe a bad way of putting it.  Basically, you want to sway this sites top droppers to be your top droppers too.  Add the site posting their top droppers and droppers they posted.  Now get to work!!

Drop your Entrecard Inbox, Everyday

Dropping your Inbox can also give you intel on who is returning drops and who new “favorite suspects” will be in the future.  As I mentioned earlier, pay close attention to repeat droppers as they probably should make your favorites list.


This is very important for one reason!!  It encourages those who have dropped in the past to keep dropping.  This could result in free links or possible favorite additions.

Drop Everyday

Make it part of your routine somehow and work it baby!!  If I have to tell you why this is important, you totally missed the whole point of this post.  You drop, they drop, you link, they link, rinse and repeat.  Overall Entrecard success!!

Other Categories

Building your favorites list is surely going to take time!!  I can’t stress that enough.  Either you got the will power to stick it out or you do not.  However, while all that is going on you can use the new Entrebar navigation system to get your three hundred drops per day from Entrecard.


Other Entrecard Tips

  1. Install and Post your Top Droppers <–Very Important
  2. Try to get your Entrecard Widget above the fold so that finding it is very easy.
  3. In the order of widgets, make sure your top droppers is close the actual Entrecard Widget.
  4. Comment, Comment, Comment!!  If a post interest you or you have intellectual feedback take the time to write it.  It can possibly mean good things for you!!  It also helps to adjust the Entrecard bounce rate and webmasters really appreciate that.
  5. Drop Everyday, 300 if possible.  Work that thing hard!!
  6. Get involved with the SezWho system to promote comments, check out turnip’s blog for great tips with SezWho.  (I know something I need to do myself)
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