Inspiration From An Unusual Idea And Thoughts On Improving RSS Conversions Through Social Networks

December 31st, 2007

4972 Today while browsing Entrecard and clicking on a few links, I noticed Sam Freedom’s profile link referenced to a search on his site about all his Entrecard Post.  At first it appeared to me as an odd thing to do, but then I realized it might create great conversions for either RSS or PPC advertising.  Let’s expand the concept to other social networks like Stumbleupon or Digg.  If you have ever blogged about a particular network, you could link your social profile to a relative search on your blog.  The idea here is that it will immediately spark the interest of those involved in that network and they might subscribe to your site.  Even if they don’t, they find related content to something you know they are interested in.  As far as PPC (Pay Per Click), you can use that tactic to make sure your users are landing on a page that is most desired.  A usual blog search reveals all the entries you have related to a topic based on the searcher’s keywords.  You could use it to gain exposure on any topic you are tying to dominate.  It is a great idea and I hope it is useful in the future.

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