ALT Key Commands, HTML Equivalents, Special Character Shortcuts for Bloggers

November 25th, 2007

Often I find myself wanting to use special characters for my programming or blog post.? Using the windows ALT key or HTML equivalent makes this very easy.? I compiled an easy to follow chart of the most popular to help out with this.

Html Equivalents

Using the html equivalents in your programming or design is very simple. An example might look something like this

[html]? Lobo Links Web Directory[/html]

The result would parse out like this in a browser ? Lobo Links Web Directory

Using ALT Key Shortcuts

Hold down the left or right alt key on your windows keyboard.? While holding either alt key punch in the number combination for the desired special character.? When you release the ALT key the character will appear.? NUMLOCK must be on and you must use the numpad on the far right hand side of the keyboard.

Character HTML ALT Key Command Description
? ? ALT+0145 Single Left Quote
? ? ALT+0146 Single Right Quote
? ? ALT+0153 Trademark Symbol
? ? ALT+0174 Registered Trademark
? ? ALT+0169 Copyright
? ? ALT+0183 Middle Dot
? ? ALT+0167 Section Sign
? &brkbar; OR &rvbar; ALT+0166 Broken Bar
? ? ALT+0161 Inverted Exclamation
? ? ALT+0162 Cents
? ? ALT+0163 Pound
? ? ALT+0165 Yen
? ? ALT+0128 Euro
? ? ALT+0188 one fourth fraction
? ? ALT+0189 one half fraction
? ? ALT+0190 three fourths fraction
? ? ALT+0191 Inverted Question Mark
? ? ALT+0171 Left Angle Quote
? ? ALT+0187 Right Angle Quote
? ? ALT+0185 SuperScript
? ? ALT+0147 Left Double Quote
? ? ALT+0148 Right Double Quote
? ? ALT+0134 Dagger
? ? ALT+0135 Double Dagger

Click here for more ALT key codes

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