2 Tips for MyBlogLog Widget Optimization

November 27th, 2007


I really enjoy the MyBlogLog community and surely suggest getting involved if you participate in blogging.  There are quite a few different widget styles you can choose from, but these two tips should work for any style.  Very Important Note,  I simply used the provided JavaScript and created my own widget.  They offer a WordPress Plugin specifically for MyBlogLog, but I did not test it with these tips.

1) Grab a "Join My Community" button or design your own.  This adds more focus to your overall goal and also gives your widget a call to action link appeal.






2) I chose to remove the links "View Readers Community", "Join this Community", "(provided by MyBlogLog)" by adding some simple CSS to your current theme’s style sheet.

[css]table#MBL_COMM td.mbl_fo_hidden { display:none; }[/css]

That is it!   Yeah short and sweet.

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