Call-to-Action Links

November 14th, 2007

If you been around the Internet for 7 or 8 years, you have watched the revolution of call to action links evolve. A call to action link simply request activity from a reader or potential customer. Some of the most basic call to action links we have seen in the past are click here and buy now. From a guest post on copyblogger by Ben Yoskivitz, 5 types of links.

Sales Links: Sales links are used when driving people to buy something or go down a specific path. You?re driving people through a funnel to try something, sign-up or buy something. Those are sales links. And ?click here? is a completely logical choice for those types of links. Heck, you might try CLICK HERE! Or ?get your free x today!?, because ?free? is generally regarded as a very strong motivator.

Most bloggers don?t deal in ?sales links? which is why they?re generally turned off by the bland but effective, ?click here?.

During the web 2.0 revolution (if you will) call to action links started to take a different course to better serve another purpose, Search Engine Optimization. These days, call to action links are engaged by enticing offers such as earn a certain percentage of commission on all sales, or free submissions for a certain time of year. By simply combining the two architectures of both techniques, you can gain a mass amount of click through and SEO benefit.

Targeting your Audience

I have a website that mostly caters to new web users or n00bs. Through mass amounts of testing, we discovered the “click here” and “buy now” techniques generated 28% more clicks than long tail offers. The majority of this audience are new webmasters and looking to create their first site. So, I think studies have shown that the “click here” method can be very effective, but I think the audience is a very important factor.

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