The Sphinn Blog Launched, My Thoughts

July 12th, 2008

sphinn The Sphinn Blog appears to be a new feature cooked up by a few of the sphinn staff members.  In the first post on July 7th, evilgreenmonkey (Rob Kerry) goes on to say the purpose of the blog was to avoid cluttering up the Sphinn homepage with swanky announcements and community news.  In my personal opinion this is a good move.  This “blog” format is undoubtedly a format every user is familiar with and hopefully leads to more involved user participation about upcoming features etc.

As well as Sphinn accouncements and discussions, I will also be launching a weekly round-up post, cunningly named ?Sphinn Weekly?. The post will highlight Sphinn submissions from the past week that I feel are worth a mention, whilst also giving some of my own views on matters, where appropriate of course.

I was unable to find a current format for news and announcements, but If I am not mistaken it has been through submission similar to any other new story.

sphinn2 sphinn3


This is the problem, with the growing number of submissions daily I feel some issues don’t get the attention they deserve.  Keeping with that same train of thought, it does not take long for some “Hot Sphinn” to get pushed to the 2nd page and if you don’t visit everyday (like me), a round up is a very useful aspect.

The plan is to post each week?s round-up on Monday – yes, I said Monday. The reasons why are:

  1. Everyone else does weekly round-ups on Friday which few people read until Monday
  2. I?m usually out in London for a small glass of Sherry on Fridays (you don?t want me posting whilst drunk). and?
  3. I can write the post on Sunday, which is the day I have the most free time.

Hopefully you?ll all add us to your RSS readers and make use of the open commenting.

Overall, I think this is a good move for the Sphinn community and I can not wait to see what they make of it.  I think they should even consider some “guest post” from sphinn members as that is the most targeted exposure a SEO/SEM could ask for.  I see tons of opportunity for this blog and I only wonder if others (including the sphinn staff) see it also.

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