Spamming .edu’s will soon be a Dead Tactic

June 18th, 2008

After watching another whiteboard episode about URL hijacking from seomoz.org.? I was doing some research on this thought as it is sort of new to me.? Anyway, while looking up some of the most competitive keywords suggested by Rand in one of his comments, I stumbled across this on a .edu domain.

If you’re here you probably followed the e-mail of a dirty spammer/scammer. If you are here looking for the wiki, read below.
You try to run a nice wiki, and let people contribute content, and bam! nigerians, and inbred penis pill slingers all up in your grill. We appologize for in any way contributing to there despicable campaign of idiocracy, and will have the wiki back up once we’ve found a way to deal with the spammers in an amusing fashion.
On a side note, You really should avoid clicking on random links in e-mails from strangers, and certainly avoid buying anything from the person who directed you here.

Which really did not surprise me considering I found that link by searching for “generic viagra“, but it goes to show that eventually .edu domains are going to be dead seo tactic.? I don’t really hate spammers or “penis pill slingers”, they are all just trying to get ahead.? You can’t be mad at them for beating you to the punch.? However, I think the tactic has been overexposed and will soon be for sure dead.

You can easily find plenty of .edu wiki goodness by searching, and you will soon see, most of them have adopted nofollow on almost all the external links.

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