Ok, so I am a tweet fan now

June 18th, 2008

twitter Ok, so I am finally a twitter freak. Still have not really got into it as it is my first day, but I see the social media addiction.  It actually imported a few of my hotmail contacts so I already am following some people.  It is like an instant messenger for people who don’t want instant messengers?  I mean, for some of us, it is annoying as hell to have people IM’ing you while your trying to work.  Twitter gives me the freedom to share with multiple friends when I want to.

I really want to dive off into it more before I go spreading the word, but my initial response is it looks like a lot of fun.  Is twitter a social network?  I believe it is, but more to come soon on my new found toy.  Yes I know, why was I not twittering before.  Do you tweet?  Follow me?

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