I have made some mistakes as a new directory owner

October 17th, 2007

It is true, I am new to the directory industry. To date, the Lobo Links domain is only 58 days old and my submission guidelines are rather strict. When I started the free links until October 31st, 2007 promotion people started to come out of the damn wood work. I let a few shady submissions slip by me and I have honored those listings, because not thoroughly reviewing them was my fault. I am simply man enough to admit my mistakes and try to keep others from doing the same.

A few things I have learned

  • Don’t be afraid to deny sites. It is your directory and it is up to you to make sure the submissions are up to par with your guidelines.
  • If you offer Deep Links, be sure to also review their anchor text and visit those pages. You don’t want them keyword stuffing with non-relevant titles or the same URL as the original link submitted.
  • Be weary of casino related links. Nine times out of ten these links are just affiliate links to online casinos. I am sure they do fairly well and “online casinos” seems to be a very competitive term, but I consider them to be bad neighborhoods. I have two casino links I promised to honor for a year, but have informed the owners they will be removed after that term. That category is also locked for submissions.
  • Be sure to visit the page your approving. Yeah, it sounds dumb, but I made that mistake and I am sure others have too.
  • Don’t just visit the front page. Visit 5 or 6 to clearly verify that site meets your submission guidelines. Be thorough in your investigation. I have submitted to Aviva maybe 3 times and been denied every time.
  • State in your rejection emails that the submitter should read the guidelines and try again since 99% of all rejected submissions are simply a failure to read the rules. Sometimes it is a good idea to even email them personally if you really care and like their site.

Anytime you attempt something new, a few mistakes will surely be made, but learning from those is most important.

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