Force OIOPublisher Banners to Open in New Windows

August 31st, 2008

3407 I found this very odd that it did not come as a standard option for the OIOPublisher plugin for WordPress.  I personally hate when a click leads me to another page in the same window or tab.

In olden days before the invention of tabs, I could see where it was annoying to have to close 10 different windows.  Today, new windows essentially mean tabs and a click just means I am interested to see what else you have to offer.  It does not mean I wanted to leave the current site I was browsing.

Sorry, I just thought that image was too funny not to include.

OIOPublisher Edits to force New Windows or Tabs

Open wp-content/plugins/(yourfoldername)/include/output.php

Find around lines 451 and 481

the links to the images, and then within the html a tag for each link, add the following: target=”_blank”

Save and Upload, You’re done.

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