DirectoryCritic Advertising Analyzed

November 26th, 2007


If your involved in the directory industry, you surely have visited directorycritic.com a few times.  Last month I was lucky enough to find an available 125×125 banner ad spot and I snatched it up real fast.  Anyway, yesterday made a full first month of advertising and I thought I would share my results with everyone.

Cost and Statistics

The cost for a 125×125 banner is $40 a month.



In one month it made my top 5 referrals with 160 inbound clicks. Also an average of 3.68 pages viewed and 3 minutes 21 seconds time spent browsing per visitor.


To track my conversions I set up one of my own seo friendly affiliate urls, but I made the url change halfway through the month.  However, using my own resources I tracked 4 conversions.  Not sure what the overall conversions were and they might have been better if Lobo Links was a little older.


Anytime you try to judge a return on investment it is a good idea to look at the competition.  Such is very true in online advertising.  DirectoryCritic allows up to 8 125×125 banner ads on each side of the page which makes a total of 14 at all times.  This surely has an effect on overall ROI and click through rate.


Luckily for me this banner paid for itself in the first month, but I can surely see where this could make a big impact with more established directories.  If you have an eye catching banner and a higher page rank directory you might see an outstanding ROI.

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