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September 25th, 2007

While there are tons of internal SEO improvements you can make to increase your rankings in the SERPS. My vote for the most important is Page Titles. I personally think there are two factors that make all the difference when it comes to Page Titles.

  • Page Titles should be descriptive of the content on the page.
  • The most important keywords should come first.

Page Titles are what shows up in the SERPS and often is the link anchor text used by others to link back to your pages. Some SEO experts would argue that a page title should be 65 characters or less. As a matter of fact it is highly recommended. I tend to disagree with this thought. If you search Google for “Lobo Links Web Directory” you will see that they automatically trimmed my title for me as did Yahoo. The most important factor is that your keywords come first for two reasons.

  • Engines tend to pass more relevance to the page title’s keywords based on position.
  • More importantly, it helps to keep engines from marking your pages as duplicate content and reducing your index count.

If you have pages listed with your site title at the front you are more likely to get tossed in Google’s Supplemental Index. This rule surely applies on pages with minimal content.

Bad Page Title Examples

Lobo Links Web Directory – Internet – Directories – Paid Directories
Lobo Links Web Directory – Internet – Directories -Niche Directories

Good Page Title Examples

Paid Directories – Directories – Internet – Lobo Links Web Directory
Niche Directories – Directories – Internet – Lobo Links Web Directory

The same theory should be applied throughout your site for best results with one exception. Your home page should be listed with the site title first. When people search for your site your title would be the most relevant keywords. There is a post on the PHP Link Directory forum about changing the phpld page title order.

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