BlogRolled, A New Revenue Outlet for Blogs?

July 10th, 2008

screen3-blogrolled BlogRolled is a new service to help bloggers generate cash and help advertisers gain reach and links for their website.  It seems like I heard about this through twitter, but I forget he blurbed it.  Will this be another failed linking service or did someone actually create something that will be hard for Google to track?  Blogrolls seems like the perfect place to sell links (cough), but I know the concern in the back of everyone’s head is will it leave a footprint?

How it Works

As an advertiser, it’s an easy process. We have an inventory of publishing sites available to you which you can search, sort through, and find publishers related to your product or service. Once you have found a listing you like, enter the details for your site and then checkout. Within a few business days of making the purchase, the selected publisher will place your ad live on their site.

As a publisher, it’s just as easy. Once an advertiser makes a purchase from your listing, you will be notified of the sale. Once you’ve received the notification, you will be asked to place the ad on your site into your blogroll. Done. That’s it!

Signing up and Adding Sites

Signing up as a blog owner literally took me all of 5 seconds and adding my sites did not take much longer.


I was a little disappointed by limited number of categories, but I think they have enough to get started.  I would expect that to possibly grow in the future.  You are only allowed to select 2 categories, which I thought was fare.  Also, you are limited to 6 tags of your choice.  I just jotted down some stuff and a short description for testing purposes.  The next screen you see after clicking “Add Site” is a pending notice with some additional information.


Notice it automatically set my price to $60.00, no clue on how that metric is judged or if it is just a standard price.  No idea on approval time, but my biggest question is “Will it leave a footprint in the code?” similar to the way TLA did.  The last thing bloggers need is a big red flag that screams I am selling links.  It would appear according to the information in “How it Works” that all additions must be made manually.  I am very interested to find out more about how this system works.
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