A Very Beginner’s Guide to the Sphinn Network : Tips and Tricks

December 1st, 2007

If you’re interested in search engine optimization or trying to stay up to date with the latest buzz happening in the industry, Sphinn is your new home.  Overall, I wouldn’t judge Sphinn as the toughest social network to master, but I have a few tips to make your first experiences much more successful.  I have some advanced analysis to publish later, but these should get you moving in the right direction.  If I could go back to the beginning of my Sphinn career I would follow these simple steps to success.

Picking the best username for your long term goal

A username is social media branding.  Take DoshDosh, AndyBeard, or SlightlyShadySEO  for example.  Notice their usernames reference to their domain names.  If  you’re looking to be known for one particular site or product, your username can be a real beneficial factor.

Custom avatars are a MUST HAVE!!

Gravatar_30On a 90% occasion this avatar equals spam to me and I scroll right past it with no hesitation.  I highly recommend picking something that represents you as an individual like a personal picture or your company/product logo.  People will associate you with your avatar and username.  So a company logo is not a bad choice.  I can almost promise a 150% better success rate on any social network with a custom avatar.

Networking and Participation is the #1 most important factor

You don’t get anything for free and Social Media is no different.  If you don’t interact with me I will not do the same for you.  Get sociable with your fellow sphinners by reading their submissions and voting for the ones you found helpful.  Get in touch with the authors you like and participate as much as possible in their own communities.

Stalk your favorite authors

Unlike reality, the celebrities of social media want to be stalked.  Case in point for a beginner is the fact that you are now stalking me gives you more exposure and attention.


Useful Comments

Adding comments to other’s submissions give your username/avatar more exposure and lets people know you have something to add to the Sphinn community.  You can do two weeks of commenting before you ever make your first submission and be way ahead the beginner crowd.

The Sphinn Navigation System

Sphinn is a fairly easy site to figure out all on your own, but here are a few shortcuts that might save you time for other things.  As the Sphinn network grows it is important to understand the sorting system so you can stay up to date with the hottest and latest submissions.

Hot Topics Navigation

At the top of the Sphinn Hot Topics page, you can find a Show Me navigation bar with 5 options


At the bottom you can find a simple page browser to navigate older hot sphinns


What’s New Navigation

Much like the Hot Topics page, at the top of the What’s New page you can find a Show Me navigation bar with 3 options

At the bottom of the page you can find a simple page browser to navigate older recent sphinns.


Simple Post Navigation

You can really speed up your browsing using the Jump To feature and opening those pages in new tabs/windows.


Now you can just close your new tab / window and continue browsing other submissions.

Content Submissions to Sphinn

Sphinning only your own content in the beginning can cause a real problem with your social media success.  People see only submitting your own content / posts as self promotion only.  It is better to use a ratio of some sort like 5/1 or 3/1 depending on your contents value.  Overall, people want to see you as a valuable member of the Sphinn and SEO/SEM community.

Easily finding new content for the Sphinn Network

RSS Feeds are a great way to find new content to submit to Sphinn.  If you use a system like Google Reader you can browse new content on a daily basis.  I suggest only sphinning content you find helpful or think would be helpful to others.

TopRank has a list of some of the best SEO/SEM blogs you can subscribe too for new information daily.  Be sure to check out the recent Hot Sphinn from a moderator with complaints of most Sphunn submissions.

I can’t suggest submitting others content more than your own enough.


The keys to any type of social media success is surely participation and valuable additions to that social community.  In regards to the Sphinn Network, check out Getting on the front page of Sphinn : Beginner and Advanced and stop Sphinning your wheels for some more in depth Sphinn tactics.

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