A New Job Teaches Me Something About Blogging and Keeping Your Readers Attention

July 16th, 2008
I am sorry I can not really tell you more about my new job with this agency or mention more specifics about what we were discussing due to privacy and confidentiality agreements.

As some might know, I started a new job the 14th of this month and the first seven days of it is employee (b)orientation.  Trust me, it is as boring as watching for rain drops in the desert.  Many of my co-workers have been caught nodding off to monotone speeches and very dull powerpoint presentations.  On the second day we had someone from the staff  come to talk to us about the different state laws and obligations we had to fulfill to stay in accordance with them.  He used some very simple steps to really bring the class room to life and it taught me how important it was to keep your readers attention while blogging.

He started his presentation by introducing himself and giving us a short summary of his career with this agency.  Next, he asked each of us our first name and to mention what department we would be working in.  He also shared funny stories or acknowledged some great people we might get the chance to work with in that department.  I thought this was a great opener because he was not just spitting off facts from a booklet or making us watch another rehearsed presentation which we had been sleeping through all morning. He attempted to make a connection with each of the class participants on a more personal level.  This is something I feel bloggers accomplish by replying to each comment or mentioning specific readers in future post.

Then, he began to tell us more about the obligations / rules we had to follow in accordance with state laws which immediately screams pillow time to me, but he used methods of relation to keep it very interesting.  In one of his points he used a story about a bazaar dream he had in the past and in another he used a very popular movie which I think everyone has seen.

I once had a dream of a two headed horse charging towards me on rollerskates with a headless rider wielding two swords and just before he sliced my head off I woke up…

At this point I think some of us were starting to wonder about his mental stability, but none the less he had our attention.  While this seems extremely strange, his dream and movie reference were very decisive to his final points.  I think for as long as I live I will never forget the two points he was trying to make and that is surely seems like a method that would work for blogging instead of just delivering the straight facts about a topic.

As his time with us was coming close to it’s end, he started to spout off more facts about our future jobs and again I was thinking to myself “where did I put my pillow?”.  He ended up closing his presentation with some hilarious personal work experience that made my sides hurt and still he managed to relate these experiences to back up those previous statements that once made my eyelids so heavy.  As a blogger, I learned my posts will be much more beneficial if I can provide facts with my own personal experience.

I realize we can not use all of these methods in every post we sit down to write, but the use of one or combination of many should make my post much more entertaining for my readers.

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