A great solution for manually adding sites to a new directory!

November 8th, 2007

It is very true that nobody likes an empty category. Mostly it makes your directory look very inactive. Even though most don’t submit to directories for the traffic benefit, a dead directory just doesn’t encourage anyone.

I personally add a few sites here and there, but as a directory owner we all know it grows tiring very easily. So, I came up with a better solution.

The principle behind this whole bit is to promote your directory, bring in new traffic, and of course fill those categories.

Please be sure to read the important notes at the bottom that are key to the success of this venture.


Grab the coupon mod for phpld or something similiar. It is a breeze to install and serves multiple purposes.

Monthly Promotions

I choose monthly promotions vs 5 day promotions etc, because the end result is more traffic and more links for your categories.

Advertise the promotion

Now go hit your favorite forums and other related networks for some free traffic.

Very Important Notes

  • I personally suggest targeting specific niche’s like blogs or directories for each month instead of offering links for every category you have.
  • In order for this to work properly, don’t run the same promotion for a specific category two months in a row. It is just a bad business practice.
  • Set up your submissions to expire in a year, etc. Even if you paid links are lifetime, I feel this is best practice. I have linkforever’s link renew mod installed and it makes it very easy for them to renew at full price.

I am losing a lot of money

Yeah, if your in it for the the quick buck. Think about 1500 or more sites will expire in 1 year and now have the option to renew their listing. Not only have you gained 1500 possible paid submissions, but you have gained traffic too.

I still think you should add some links yourself, but you can obviously see the bonuses to this method.

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