U3 Smart Programs for People Always on the Go

October 6th, 2008

smartdrive I honestly never realized what my little 4gb smart drive was capable of until I started a new job. I needed to be a coder on the go and what I have found works for me is the smart drive application versions of some of my favorite software.

I often find myself at work or friend’s house needy of some of my own applications from my personal collection if you will..

I would rather walk on rusty nails than use my friend’s dull ass outdated Internet Explorer or try to edit a .css file with only Notepad.  For me, the U3 Smart Programs were a lifesaver and you would be surprised what is available for your smart drive.   You can also add games to play at work on your blocked out limited pc.

shot UltraEdit

Well If I have to tell you how great UltraEdit is then you suck.  I have used most other high end text editors and this one is a sound investment.  Hands down, the best app to have for a coder on the go.

Mozilla Firefox

I have to say, if Firefox doesn’t speak for itself then you probably been under a rock for a few years.  I honestly speak from the web designer end when I say this a necessity for me.  Consider it an obsession or something.

Mozilla Thunderbird

To be honest, it is not my favorite mail application.  However, it is really nice to have access to any mail account you have on your key chain.


OMG!!  It is super to have ftp access to my sites no matter where I go.  I just can’t speak of this software enough to get my point across.

Putty for U3

SSH anyone?  bah it is super!


Maybe the best zip / compression program that exist.  Period!!  I can’t name the times I had to download a trial copy just to uncompress one file.  I think the handiness just speaks for itself.

Case in Point

There are many U3 applications I have not had time to review, but I am liking it so far.  If you had a similar experience I would love to hear about it.

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