SEO Roundup / Links For The Week (06-12-08)

June 12th, 2008

seo-roundup The more I do roundup, the more I start to enjoy sharing some of the great post I have come across on different site and social networks. It was started as sort of a filler post for Thursdays, but I think I have decided to stick with it. I really hope people find it as enjoyable as I have started to.  Their are so many great post being pumped out each week it becomes harder and harder to stay on top of it all.


The Deep Link – Bruce from authority directory shares an excellent overview of the deep link in many different forms.

Full Blown WordPress SEO Tutorial – One the best compiled and explained WordPress SEO tutorials ever. A must read for WordPress bloggers. I promise you will learn at least one thing you did not know.

False Prophecy: Onsite SEO Will Be History – A Testimonial the clearly states onsite optimization (internal seo) is going no where anytime soon.

Defeat Google with Guerrilla Warfare – a guide to beating the bigger and more funded corporations in the Google SERP.

3 Best Desktop Backlink Checking Tools – 3 of the top leading tools reviewed by Ann at SEJ

Yahoo, Google, Microsoft Clarify Robots.txt Support. – A must read post by one of the coolest chicks in the SEO industry, Vanessa Fox.  I am so glad someone finally got the scoop on this.

How to run a background check on a domain before buying it – Words to live by, make sure you read this before you get suckered into a shady QBC scam.

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