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September 25th, 2007

The staff over at SEOmoz have created a fun SEO Quiz. The Quiz consist of 75 questions and it takes roughly 20-25 minutes to complete depending on your knowledge of search engine optimization.

At the end of the quiz they rank you based on a percentage of your correct answers.

  • 91%-100% SEO Deity
  • 81%-90% SEO Master
  • 71%-80% SEO Professional
  • 61%-70% SEO Newbie
  • 0%-60% SEO Novice

They also list all of the questions with the answers and a short description regarding the correct answer at the end. The answer description usually relates to a past blog or article on SEOmoz. So if you are a frequent reader, then you will probably do fairly well. It is still a very educational and challenging experience regardless of your knowledge level.

Let me know how your score turns out.

SEO Professional – 75%

Are you a SEO Expert?

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