Organic Search Engine Traffic

November 13th, 2008

search-engine-ranking-position Do you want to increase traffic to your site? You can do that by using traffic generating techniques like PPC (Pay Per Click), Bookmarking, Social Networking, Autosurf, Advertisements on other blogs and more. Most of the visits that referred by these techniques are bounced traffic. Meaning, the particular person might stay on your site for less than a minute before moving to another site. It is similar to autosurf traffic, where the visitors are paid to visit your site for a fraction of second.

There are so many ways to increase our traffic, But untargeted traffic will not be profitable, we are not looking for junk traffic. We want targeted visitors that are really interested in our websites content. How to get serious visitors only to our site? By, utilizing SEO for your site, you might get lots of targeted traffic that are looking for your content. These visitors are organically referred from the search engines. If you want to find something online, the first thing you would do is to use Google search to look for it.

It has been a growing trend to find information using Google search for more than 10 years. The trend of searching using search engines will only grow. If you have not tapped into search engine traffic, you should try and spend some time doing seo to get some. Let?s say for example, you are selling hosting via affiliates and get commissions per sale. Instead of getting alot of traffic from various networking channels, try to concentrate on search engine traffic. Try to think of? the traffic you could gain for certain highly search keywords from Google search as below:

hosting ? 7,480,000 average searches monthly

web hosting ? 5,000,000 average searches monthly

free hosting ? 450,000 average searches monthly

site hosting ? 246,000 average searches monthly

cheap hosting ? 201,000 average searches monthly

and more.

If you could rank in the top 10 or top 5 positions for any of the highly searched keywords in your niche, it would be easy to get thousands of targeted visitors from the search engines daily. We are not asking you to get top ranking for all keywords. Just on any targeted keywords that are closely connected to your niche and products will do. If you could get top 5 rankings for one highly searched keyword, you might bring your website traffic and earnings to next level.

SEO will provide promising results with huge waves of targeted traffic to your site. If you still haven?t utilized this method, you are on losing position. Secure and create buzz for your online business with search engine traffic.

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