Matt Cutts Reports Google is Changing the Way it Treats Subdomains

December 7th, 2007

google-filled-oldschool As reported by Rustybrick on Search Engine RoundTable, Matt Cutts gives a heads up at PubCon that Google will only be allowing 2 results per domain and is going to start treating subdomains just like subdirectories.

This change is really going to make a huge difference.  I can name 3 SEO companies off the top of my head that I know use this strategy to obtain high traffic volumes on the same keyword for their clients.

Now here’s where we’ve been able to game the current situation. Subdomains are treated like a separate domain, and so you can get two results for www.example.com, two more for sub1.example.com, two more for sub2.example.com, and so on.

Some other issues that come up are subdomain blogs and free sites, etc.  It is an update long overdue and it is going to be interesting to see how Google overcomes legit subdomains.

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