Lobo Links Gets A Spit Shine

June 9th, 2008

graphic For the last two or three days around here its been a mad house with all the new changes. We have been shopping around for a few weeks for a designer and we finally decided to do it ourselves.  The design was inspired from Zorg Directory, we were looking to expand our content area and that large sidebar was just the ticket.  We still have a long way to go for perfection (laugh), but you can sorta see the schema starting to unfold. The Affiliate template will be last on the list, but it will be updated with new banners to represent the new changes.

We also decided to raise the bar some as concerning the directory.  We have changed all listing types to yearly only.  It is a huge step and it is a very good one as far as we are concerned.  Yearly Listings will help to provide a proper review is given annually to ensure that listing still meets our guidelines.  In the past, we allowed permanent listings and already we have found some listings that no longer meet those guidelines.  Owners of those listings have been contacted and given 30 days to meet the requirements or those listings will be removed permanently.  This process is planned to continue over the next couple of months.  Among many unmentioned less important changes, we have decided to permanently remove all gambling related links as we now consider them bad neighborhoods.  Owners of such listings have been contacted and given further instructions for refunds.

On a further note about the above, All permanent listings that still meet the required guidelines will remain unless contacted and told otherwise by a member of the staff.

Their are still many changes to be made over the next couple of months and you can expect more post like this one as those changes progress.

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