Adding a Favorite Icon To Your Site, The How To

December 14th, 2007

favorite_iconA favorite icon gives you branding strength and more importantly something your members can recognize in a long list of favorites.? It is pretty much straight forward 101 stuff, but I am going to do my best to break it down into simple steps for any management platform.

(Gathering thoughts into sentences….Almost there)

The Basic Concepts

The code you will be adding is very simple

[html] [/html]

Where to stick it

On a regular basis your going to be looking for the first file that loads in sequence. (ie header.html, header.php, header.tpl, etc)? Now you need to find the below code that references to the CSS stylesheet for your site, for instance


You should add your favorite icon code above or below the reference to your stylesheet .? Have a look at mine below for WordPress.



I am not going into much detail about this aspect. Just make sure it matches your given path in the above code.


That is pretty much it. You might not see any changes take effect until you clear your cache. On Monday I will be talking about creating favorite icons with transparent backgrounds.

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