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How to Choose a Father's Day Gift

Date Added: June 19, 2008 06:48:48 PM
Category: KIDS/TEENS
Father’s day is a joy to celebrate, because it is a special occasion when you can thank your dad for being your dad by spending time with him, and giving him gifts. Dads are usually fine with any kind of gift from their children, because to them it is a token of love. But in case you want to make your dad a really happy man this Father’s day, here are some pointers to help you choose the perfect gift according to his nature:

Practical Dad: Most dads would readily fall into this category, because men in general like gifts which are of practical use. For a practical dad, it is best to think of his daily routine, and work from there.

If he is the DIY sort of person, getting him things like the latest drill, gardening implements or a toolkit would get you a big smile. Get involved in a project with him this Father’s day, and you would have created some beautiful memories for both of you.

Classic Dad: If your dad is more formal in his outlook, buying him conservative clothes or accessories would be the right idea. He might have a collector’s hobby, be it antiques or watches, and you just might win him over with a find. Books suited to his temperament may be a good choice too. If he is into golf, golf accessories would win him over.

Stylish Dad: Every so often, you find a dad who has kept himself really fit, and is fashion savvy. You can go to town finding the snazzy clothes and shoes that would keep him looking trendy, but not trying too hard. Sunglasses and ties would be gifts of choice. He would really appreciate your efforts to update his wardrobe.

Fun Dad: If your dad is young at heart and loves adventure and sport, you could take him out for a day’s trek, or gift him sport accessories. Colorful T-sirts and swanky sports shoes are guaranteed to be a favorite.

Sentimental Dad: Some dads like quiet gifts, stuff they can savor. A well-arranged family album, an engraved notebook or photo-frame are the way to go if your dad is emotional about you and not scared to show it. You could also give him something you made by hand, or something that brings back a happy memory of earlier times spent together. Spend some extra time with this dad, he would appreciate it more than anything else in the world.

Creative Dad: Those of us lucky enough to have dads in creative fields can have a field day choosing the gifts that would go with his field or interest, whether as a hobby or profession. A new brush or color set for a painter dad, a fancy writing set for a writer dad, photographic accessories for a photographer dad are naturally the best. Or you could introduce your dad to new technology to push his creativity by gifting him an ipod, or a dictaphone.

Not all dads would fall neatly in exactly one of the types, which are merely broad guidelines. Some may fit in more than one, and some in none at all. But if you keep these types in mind, it will be easier for you to choose the perfect gift for our dad this Father’s day.