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Who Needs a Travel Agent? You Do!

Date Added: July 09, 2008 02:50:40 PM
Category: TRAVEL: Travel Agents
More and more people are setting up their own vacations; just a few years ago- travelers would visit travel agents to do the leg work. Today, most people search Internet websites to find deals, look up information regarding popular destination sights, and book a trip. But there are still a few tricks Travel agents have that can brighten a traveler’s day. If you have decided to plan your own vacation, you may want to think twice.

Finding a great deal on the Internet is wonderful; but what if there is a problem? Who do you call; a webmaster or some support tech at Findahotel.com? It’s doubtful that your Internet website will be able to do anything if there is a problem; as a matter of fact, there’s usually very small print at the bottom of each travel website that points this out to visitors. A real live travel agent is usually only a phone call away. They can arrange alternative accommodations on a moments notice; there’s usually not a lot of hassle for you- and that’s what a vacation is truly about.

Travel agents have privileged information regarding trips. Let’s say you’re planning a great cruise for you and your husband- no kids, just a romantic trip for two. You set it up through the Internet and get a great deal; when you arrive and are ready to board; there’s a problem- you will be cruising the high seas with 200 girl scouts; there’s little green adorned suits with badges galore, cookies and all. If you had booked through a travel agent; this wouldn’t have happened.

Travel agents have the ability to sift through thousands of tourist sights and find the right destination for their clients. They can arrange a vacation for their clients based upon budget, taste, priorities and even hobbies. As well, travelers can share their expectations with their travel agent. Many people want to be left alone on their vacations with minimal interaction with other travelers; on the other hand; some travelers like to meet new and interesting people. Travel agents can customize trips to suit any traveler based upon their expectations. A good travel agent will ask their clients about their priorities; if you like to dine in fine establishments or stay in only resorts or bed and breakfast settings; they are able to accommodate your needs.

Most travel agents expect their clients to be money savvy. You need to explain to your travel agent what you can afford based upon the priorities you have given. Most travel agents can work within any budget and still find their clients accommodations, flights, cruises, and activities to do while vacationing. Travel agents can do the job on a moment’s notice; but for optimal results- it’s best to visit a travel agent at least 6 months prior to a planned vacation. As well, leaving your dates open can save you money and increase the number of possibilities you may have for destination spots