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Learning Effective and Practical Anger Management Skills

Date Added: June 13, 2008 08:11:04 AM
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Everybody has to deal with anger at one time or another. For effective anger management, it is best for people to take advantage of the many available counseling and support to help them cope with the emotion.

People easily prone to anger can learn the different proven techniques that have been designed and created to help them develop the necessary skills to effectively handle their feelings and manage their reactions. Everyone, regardless of age, gets angry. Thus, it is vital to learn effective and practical anger management skills.

Acupressure and EFT: Techniques for Dealing with Anger

One skill area that people can learn so they can deal with anger is acupressure. This technique is done by quickly tapping or briskly rubbing different parts of the body. For instance, when you feel tense and upset, rapid massage strokes can dissipate the building energy and help you relax.

Acupressure is best used in tandem with another anger management technique called the Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT. This technique works by balancing the left and right brain hemispheres while helping the person own up to the problem and seek forgiveness. As a skill, the ability to instinctively do acupressure and apply EFT can help tremendously in the release of pent up anger and achieve relaxation.

Journaling: Anger Management Technique that Works

Maintaining a journal is another effective anger management skill that works. By writing about the particulars of a situation, you can express your thoughts, your fears, and how you feel about the different circumstances.

Journaling helps to put things in perspective and steers you away from unhealthy ideas. When used in anger management, the journal can provide a written record of the details and incidents that trigger the emotion. By reading previous entries and becoming aware of the behavioral pattern, you could watch out for similar incidents in the future and try to adjust your reaction accordingly.

Walking Away: An Easy-to-Adopt Anger Management Technique 

Among the different anger management skills, the easiest to adopt is removing one’s self from a particular situation where there is a high probability of getting angry. For instance, when you acknowledge that you have a problem controlling your temper, it is best for you to avoid situations where you could lash out in case the conversation touches a sensitive issue.

Learning about effectve anger management skills is the first step you should take when deciding to effectively deal with your problems with anger. There are many online sources of information and materials about anger management skills and you can easily browse the Web to read tips, advice and recommendations if you are really intent on learning.

While it is impossible to adopt all of the techniques suggested on the different websites, you may have to experiment with each of the different suggestions at least once until you identify the most suitable technique for you. Finding a technique or anger management skill that works will help you regain control of your emotions and your life.