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Comparing the Many Editions of Windows Vista

Date Added: June 13, 2008 10:57:12 AM
Windows Vista Home Basic

Home Basic includes all the necessities, but not much else. You can expect advanced security with Windows Defender and Windows Firewall, and of course, you'll be able to search for programs and files easily with Vista's handy start menu search bar. In the connectivity department, the OS comes with Internet Explorer 7, and the Network and Sharing center. All other versions of Vista contain these features, plus extra.

This OS retails at about $200, and is especially good for those who don't use the Internet extensively, and only plan on using the computer for basic tasks. If you're looking for better visuals, or if you'll need to edit video, you'll want a version with more features.

Windows Vista Home Premium

Home Premium is where Vista starts to get fun, with a more interesting graphical interface: among other visual features, menu bars are translucent, and Windows Flip 3D allows users to quickly flip through all open windows. The OS includes Windows Media Center, DVD Maker and Movie Maker, which are especially important for editing and viewing different media types. Home Premium also offers more information security with the Scheduled Backup feature.

Retailing at about $260 and ideal for frequent and more extensive Internet users (if you're online every day or every other day, this is you), this OS contains all the features you'll need to use your computer regularly at home.

Windows Vista Business

Business has a lot of the features of the above two operating systems, and offers additional features, but with a catch: no Media Center. The graphic user interface isn't so sparkly and shiny either, but since this OS is made for businesses, it boasts better backup features in Windows Complete Backup and Restore. Windows Fax and Scan allows for easier ways to send information, and Remote Desktop Connection provides a simple way to connect to your workspace on the road.

This OS retails at around $300. A steeper price, but Vista Business is the cheapest Vista option for businesses.

Windows Vista Ultimate

Ultimate has everything. All of the features of the former three versions of Vista are rolled up into one package, with additional features too: it allows you to protect your data even more securely with Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption.

This version retails at around $320, not much steeper than the Business edition. For this price, you'll get Media Center, enhanced security, and a very pretty interface. This version is best for advanced computer users, who not only know how to use all of Vista's features, but plan to do so. Otherwise, purchasing this version is probably a waste of money.

The key is to choose the Vista version that fulfills the most of your needs, without a lot of features you won't need. That way you can save some money without having to sacrifice any of the the features you need.