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A Natural Approach to Infertility

Date Added: July 09, 2008 02:33:14 PM
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There are over 6 million American women that currently suffer with some type of infertility problem.  At least 40% of these women have some type of physical or reproductive mechanical problem keeping them from becoming pregnant; this might be due to blocked fallopian tubes, scarring, and adhesions.  Another 40% of infertile women suffer from some type of medical or hormonal problems; for example premature ovarian failure.  The remaining 20% of women that suffer from infertility have problems that cannot be medically explained.  Most women who suffer from infertility spend time and money trying to remedy the problem; IVF or in vitro fertilization, a common Infertility treatment can cost a woman over $20,000; none of which is covered by medical insurance. 

There is much appeal for a natural healing treatment for infertility; usually they are not evasive and they are less expensive.  As well, most statistics show their success rates to be comparable to other infertility treatments.  Currently, there are three medically reviewed approaches for natural healing approaches to infertility.  One is Group counseling, acupuncture, and lastly, a manual physical therapy treatment.   

The use of manual physical therapy treatments to relieve pain and return function to organs, tissues, and muscles is used daily across the world.  People visit Physical Therapists to return function to their bodies after an injury, after surgery, when there is inflammation or even after a severe infection.  This type of physical therapy is accepted and even generally covered under most medical insurances.  In recent years, studies have been conducted to look at the natural healing of manual physical therapy for infertile patients.  This treatment is considered a non-invasive approach; many physicians that treat infertility recommend this type of treatment to their patients in conjunction with other infertility treatments. 

The success rates for manual physical therapy treatments for infertility are very promising.  Currently, one such clinic reports a 61% success rate for patients whom were physically diagnosed with total fallopian tube blockage.  These patients saw one or both tubes open after their manual physical therapy sessions.  Most reported becoming pregnant naturally.  Another study showed a 71% success rate; 14 women whom suffered with infertility for over 5 years were given the manual physical therapy treatment.  These patients suffered from blocked fallopian tubes, endometriosis, scarring, hormonal conditions, and other unexplained infertility.  Nine of these patients were successfully pregnant by natural means after receiving manual physical therapy.  Another study conducted looked at the pregnancy success rate of patients who used manual physical therapy treatments in conjunction with IVF; over half of these women became pregnant.  Unlike other infertility treatments; the success rate for manual physical therapy treatments used to treat infertility is generally seen within the first one to two years. 

Currently, the cost of manual physical therapy for infertility ranges from $4000 to $5000 depending upon the facility.  This price generally includes a 20 hour treatment of manual physical therapy, exams, and x-rays.  The manual physical therapy is usually given over a course of several days.  Patients whom have had the treatment report that the manual massage is relaxing and non-invasive; there is little to no pain associated with the therapy.

More studies are being conducted regarding manual physical therapy infertility treatments.  These include categorizing physical and mechanical problems with current success rates; as well as, hormonal and medical problems and their success rates relating to infertility.