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A Moral Consideration for Bloggers and Other Writers

Date Added: September 14, 2010 05:34:03 AM
Category: INTERNET
As the internet and the high-tech information revolution matures, an important moral consideration for bloggers and other writers to consider is how much to write. Some bloggers and other writers simply write as much as possible or on popular topics just to drive visitors to their blogs even though the topics themselves may have little intrinsic value or contribute little to society. Since it's relatively easier to publish content these days compared to before the advent of the internet, I believe that bloggers do have a moral content to limit how much and about what they write.

Search engines especially enjoy to devour online content, and often, if they are able to crawl your site, they will compile as much of the content as they can into their search index. With search engine optimization techniques so prevalent today, it is relatively easy to rank reasonably well in search engines. This subsequently allows for potentially a large number people to find and read your information. The time that these people spend reading your content can either be time wasted, if the content is poor quality, or it can be a good use of their time, fuelling further human innovation. Similarly, if a blogger spends time writing about trivialities, they might as well keep silent, enjoy their lives, or spend their time on more worthwhile pursuits.

Perhaps a slightly more suppressed approach is required for bloggers or writers to take when blogging or writing. It may just be worth it to consider whether what you are writing about significantly contributes to overall human knowledge, and whether it is much-needed content that is able to plug a significant hole currently existing in society. By thinking along these lines, it will also help your blog gain more traction, as readers generally like to read sites with more original thoughts and opinions.

At the same time, sometimes it is difficult to know in advance whether the knowledge and insights that you are contributing are sufficiently novel that they warrant online publication. Also, it is important for the world to have different points of view, which means that if your information adds more variety to the online world, it is probably good to contribute it in order to produce more points of view on a particular issue or field. Many people similarly have a unique synthesis of their particular take on a situation, after analyzing from a wide variety of sources of information, so these types of unique syntheses are also useful additions to the search database.

A good question to consider when pondering as to whether you would want to write about a certain post is to ask yourself if you would confide what you are writing about to your closest friends and family members if those people had an interest in the topic that you wished to share. If you would, then it's probably worth sharing with others as well. If it's information that you do not think would help your closest friends and family members, you may want to discard sharing with others.

By balancing these two aspects of refraining from writing when time is not ripe, and of contributing if you have something significant to say, you will create a more optimized blog. This will both improve the quality of your blog and increase the loyalty of your readership.

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