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Fresh from the shelves taste the new Nero 2015 Platinum
Nero Platinum 2015 is here and just a few days old and available for all the major windows OS’s. Previous Nero Platinum was all you could think of for organizing, creating and editing media and was good for families, small businesses and youtube account holders. If you were of high school or college age you’d […]

Are We Living in a Video Game Golden Age?
The problem with self-congratulatory concepts like golden ages is that they are often of limited value except maybe for historians. They’re definitely of limited value for people living in such ages. Why? Time passes. Things are constantly changing. That’s part of what makes living fun. If you live in the present age, technologies moving and […]

Microsoft’s Short To Do List
Microsoft has a new CEO. Microsoft has a new opportunity to remake itself. This much is obvious. With that said, if there are only two things for its new CEO, Satya Nadella, to do, it is these, how to handle Windows phone and what to do with Microsoft Office. These may seem like a highly […]