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New warming study devastates alarmist claims
Written by Michael Bastasch – original source Two climate scientists skeptical of man-made global warming are closely watching a study they say could be a “death knell” to climate alarmism. A major scientific study conducted at the University of Reading on the interactions between aerosols and clouds is much weaker than most climate models assume, meaning the […]

Electric Rates This Time of Year
Is there a time of year that is best for shopping electricity rates? I am often asked this question but the reality is that there is no specific time of year that works best. If there were a specific time of year when rates were lower you could make a fortune in the energy commodities […]

Pole and Wire Oncor Charges, Can Some Providers Charge Less?
Regardless of the provider you choose they all must pass thru the exact same fees from Oncor. This is a matter of legality. The Pole company can show no partiality to any provider in retail competition in Texas but must pass through the rate as approved by the Public Utility Commission of Texas. This TDSP charge will […]