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When You Only Use 500 kilowatt hours and under a month
I was recently asked for help from a friend at my church who is a widow and only uses 500 or less kilowatt hours a month. She wanted to save money by shopping each year for the cheapest electric rate. She didn’t mind the hassle of shopping each year in order to shave off a […]

New warming study devastates alarmist claims
Written by Michael Bastasch – original source Two climate scientists skeptical of man-made global warming are closely watching a study they say could be a “death knell” to climate alarmism. A major scientific study conducted at the University of Reading on the interactions between aerosols and clouds is much weaker than most climate models assume, meaning the […]

Electric Rates This Time of Year
Is there a time of year that is best for shopping electricity rates? I am often asked this question but the reality is that there is no specific time of year that works best. If there were a specific time of year when rates were lower you could make a fortune in the energy commodities […]