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No Deposit Electricity Plans are looking more normal
Depending on the electricity company you choose to go with you may find that no deposit and prepaid electricity plans are beginning to look a lot more like typical electricity plans you see with more traditional type energy companies. In the past all you could find in regards to a good no deposit electricity plan […]

No Deposit Electricity in Dallas
Dallas, Texas Electricity Service With No Deposit You can achieve a cheaper electricity rate with a Dallas Texas electric company and avoid a deposit by going with a provider that has lowered their deposit requirement. Unfortunately electricity providers in Dallas are constantly changing their credit score requirements and on one month may approving all customers […]

How to Use Your Dishwasher Correctly to Save on Your Texas Electric Bill
You did all the right things by selecting an energy-efficient dishwasher. But, you may be washing those savings right down the drain by using it incorrectly. Following is how to make sure you’re constantly saving on your Texas electric bill when you use your dishwasher. Don’t Use the Rinse/Hold Feature: As nice as it is […]